Agora Gallery was first founded in 1984, on Greene Street in Soho, by Miki Stiles, an artist who sought to create a hub for emerging artists working in similar mediums and methodologies to come together to present their work. Alongside the gallery space, a host of services were offered to the artists including promotional efforts, career development, advice from a variety of professionals in the arts, and the opportunity to connect with other artists also exhibiting in New York City.

Following Stiles’ untimely passing in 2001, Agora Gallery moved to its current home in Chelsea on West 25th Street. Though over time the gallery’s focus has evolved to curating group exhibitions of established contemporary artists, Miki Stiles’ vision lives on through Agora’s supportive community for artists, encouraging creative and professional advancement, while connecting collectors to a compelling range of artwork, projects and special exhibitions.

Agora Gallery’s name comes from the Greek word “ἀγορά,” meaning “open marketplace,” a place where people gather not only to buy and sell goods, but also to meet like-minded individuals and exchange news and ideas–a place where everyone is welcome. With those ideals in mind, Agora Gallery showcases a spectacular array of talented artists from both across the globe, and from the local New York area, inviting collectors to view their work both in-person in the gallery, as well as on ARTmine, its online gallery. Apart from being a gallery, we also also offer framing servicesart advisory services, and an event space in NYC. We even have an art gallery virtual tour so you can see our exhibits, past and present, from the comfort of your own home.