A Little Serendipity

May 2 - May 25, 2023 | Reception: May 3, 2023, 6-8 PM

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Agora Gallery is pleased to announce A Little Serendipity, a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures that explores the relationship between the expected and unexpected in the creation of art.  

The works featured in this exhibition are a balance between spontaneous expression and calculated action. Technical mastery and intuition guide the hand in surprising directions, producing striking combinations of colors, shapes, and patterns. Effortlessly, they engage in a dance of opposites: chaos and order, structure and flow, solid and void. The work ranges from abstract paintings born out of spontaneous gestures, to sculptures capturing figures in contemplative repose. The haphazard nature of some of the pieces belies a predetermined message, other times strongly suggestive representations leave ample room for interpretation. In each one, however, we find a delightful element of mystery and surprise that sparks a sense of wonder. 

The title of the exhibition was named after a homonymous painting by Lenor Bingham, one of the artists featured in the show. Lenor says “As an artist, sometimes a stroke or mistake occurs and it feels as if it’s a stroke of serendipity. It’s by this chance occurrence that creates the magic. I apply this concept in life, to take chances  and walk the unknown because you never know the outcome.” 

Serendipity encourages visitors to embrace the unpredictable and see chance encounters as opportunities for creative exploration. The exhibition challenges us to embrace the fortuity of life and discover beauty in the unexpected.

Andy Warhol
The Infinity of Thoughts
50" x 50" - Acrylic on Canvas