On view

February 1 - February 15, 2024

Agora Gallery is pleased to announce On View, a group exhibition featuring paintings and sculptures by Latchezar Boydjiev, Meredith Knox Barineau, Mark Schiff, and Yael Izrai. 

The works in this show come together as instruments to a harmonious ensemble, vibrating and oscillating to the sound of a common tune. Through inherent movement expressed in kinetic brush strokes, sinuous forms, and expansive compositions, they engage in a sublime orchestral endeavor. Latchezar Boydjiev’s anthropomorphic glass sculptures are as sensual as they are ethereal, encapsulating core human emotions with simplicity and grace. Mark Schiff’s flower-themed acrylic paintings are a joyous celebration of life, inspired by the artist’s frequent world travels. Meredith Knox Barineau’s bejeweled watercolor is an offering to the beauty of the American South while Yael Izrai’s surrealist landscapes ponder the existential in symbolism-ridden narratives. By following the sonic waves of this melodious quartet, our eyes and ears travel beyond the confines of the artwork’s container, finding just the perfect pitch. 

Andy Warhol
The Infinity of Thoughts
50" x 50" - Acrylic on Canvas