Vernal Passages

April 1 - April 21, 2022 | Reception: April 7, 2022, 6-8 PM

Agora Gallery is pleased to announce Vernal Passages, an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and photographs ushering in the first breaths of the spring season. The sky tinges itself with a soft golden light, shining its warm rays on our torpid skin. The breeze on the ocean shore caresses our cheeks, as we timidly step barefoot onto the lukewarm sand. We see the first pops of color peek out of a gray background–red cherries, an apple core, a splash of indigo water–slowly transitioning to hopeful pastel symphonies and fully blooming into exuberant bursts of pink, yellow, and green. Everything conspires to bring us the perfumes, colors, and sounds of springtime, alongside a renewed sense of acceptance and openness for what is to come.

Andy Warhol
The Infinity of Thoughts
50" x 50" - Acrylic on Canvas