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Celebrating Our Women Artists for Women’s History Month

From Georgia O’Keeffe to Frida Kahlo, to Hilma af Klint, women artists have made indelible contributions to visual art throughout history, and all deserve to have their unique voices heard. With such an extensive roster of women artists here at Agora Gallery, we could easily spend an eternity regaling each and every one of them. In this article, we’ve put together a small selection of women artists to share with you today, but we encourage you to use this Women’s History Month as an opportunity to learn more about all of the talented women we represent through our digital platforms and in the gallery in Chelsea.

Monika Gloviczki’s Symphony of Color

Arizona-based painter Monika Gloviczki’s work draws inspiration from music, creating visual melodies through vibrant colors and dynamic compositions. In her paintings, the shapes dance together, each work imbued with a distinct sense of light that reflects the playful approach Gloviczki takes in her studio. In this way, she is able to spend months at a time on several projects at a time, letting her inspiration drive her steadily from one canvas to the next. “It is like a journey to the deeper layers of the self, under the banalities of the every day,” Gloviczki says. “It is a silent melody played by colors.”



Life and Death, as Depicted by Younghee Woo

Younghee Woo’s paintings have a haunted quality to them, and that’s fitting, given their existential nature. Woo employs a somber palette but doesn’t stray from saturated hues, allowing moments of rich color even in deep shadows or in the ashen, ghostly atmospheres that surround her mysterious figures. Despite the weighty theme of her work, Woo’s philosophy is not a pessimistic one–rather, in her paintings, she encourages viewers to revel in the majesty of life before one’s time finally ends.” The viewers of my paintings will read internal stories as they appreciate them,” says Woo. “I hope they can appreciate the nobility of life, live fiercely and passionately, face the afterlife with grandness rather than fear, and even enjoy the futility of disappearing things.”

Everyday Delights with Nancy Holleran

Built through meticulous layers of watercolor, Nancy Holleran’s paintings capture fleeting moments, simple joys reimagined into tender, intimate memories. By employing the camera’s lens as a guiding force, Holleran magnifies a split-second into an eternity, immortalizing each experience in translucent washes of color. Holleran paints from a place of resolute positivity, aiming to uplift viewers, seeking out new experiences, new places to visit, and new people to meet, so that she can share that joy with the world. “In a world inundated with negativity, I choose to paint the positive to remind us of the good that exists every day.”

Human Connection: Grady Zeeman’s Divine Love

Grady Zeeman’s paintings are radiant meditations on love, separation, and reunion, inspired by the artist’s experiences. As an avid traveler, Zeeman is a regular patron of airports and other transitional spaces, bearing witness to countless farewells and welcome homes. With a masterful application of color, she pays tribute to these moments of what she considers a divine kind of love, moments of emotional and close physical connection amid a vast, disconnected world. “I have always been deeply touched by the pure, uninhibited form of expressing love when people are saying farewell or when welcomed home. On many occasions, I have cried my heart out with other mothers I have never met before.”