After the festive season, getting back into a daily routine can be difficult. Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions, or tips from our experts, to give your art a fresh start.

For most people, the beginning of a new year feels like the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. After getting a break, it seems one should feel well-rested, full of inspiration, and enthusiastic to begin new work. And yet, after the festive season ends, artists often find that getting back into an effective working schedule is a real uphill struggle. That spark, which normally makes the creative process a joy, is just not quite there.

new year's art resolutionsEveryone finds it difficult to get back into their daily routine after any kind of extended break. But in some ways, artists have to face extra challenges in this area. For one thing, most artists work alone, which means that they create their own incentives. With self-made deadlines, it can be particularly hard to inspire yourself to work. Additionally, because the work is so inherently creative, the disruption from your productivity can create a big roadblock for inspiration. If you’re not feeling inspired, then how can you create? This doesn’t mean that you have to sweat over your art, but what really makes the difference is hard work. Inspiration is essential, but only a part of the picture.

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