It has been nearly 3 weeks since the horrific events at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando took place. In the aftermath of the shooting, friends, family members and sympathisers held memorials and showed their support for the victims and the entire LGBT community. In the wake of this terrible tragedy, artists are also showing their love and support. Two days ago, Agora Artist Irina Goryunova completed a painting entitled “28°31’10.5″N 81°22’36.5″W,” which are the geographical coordinates of Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL. Irina would like to dedicate this painting to the victims of this tragedy, and all of the proceeds from the sale of this painting will be donated to the victims’ families.

    If you’re interested in purchasing this artwork, please contact Agora Gallery directly.

Irina Goryunova pulse nightclub

“28°31’10.5″N 81°22’36.5″W,” oil on canvas, 40″ x 30″

Irina Goryunova

Irina Goryunova

Irina is originally from Moscow, Russia and worked in finance and business before dedicating her career to art. Seeing how much people depended on money for happiness made her sad, and she wanted to leave something on this world that was more than just her signature on a document, something she created with her hands. This is what drew her to art. A self-taught painter, Irina creates one-of-a-kind works straight from the heart. She strives to display her knowledge and experiences in life in her works, inspiring emotions and questions in her viewers, hoping that they will have a desire to learn more about what it is she is depicting.