Acuarelas 6, Paintings 59 x 39.5

Concha Osuna Masters Watercolor in Street Scenes of Light and Spirit

Sometimes the greatest magic can be realized by combining the most elemental ingredients. That's certainly the case with the watercolor paintings of Concha Osuna, a masterful artist with the wondrous ability to breathe light and vitality into street scenes.

Capturing everything from figures of elderly villagers to modern urban youths, Osuna’s scenes feel immediate, as if her figures might turn their gaze outwards and speak to the viewer at any moment. Osuna’s ten-year dedication to the medium of watercolor has given her the ability to create unique, breathtaking painting effects. She describes the elements of water, pigment, and paper as a fusion of languages that take off and fly under the command of her brush, lending her work its light, effortless style.

An essential element to Osuna’s paintings is spirituality. She believes that artistic expression inevitably reveals the soul and essence of its creator. Although Osuna’s street scenes may have the appearance of en plein air sketches, they more accurately reflect the inner world of the artist than the outer world being portrayed. As the colors from her brush are not limited to the tangible confines of the figures she portrays, Osuna is able to create a sense of interplay between the figures and their environments, as if the very nature of their souls were reaching out and touching the world around them.

While Concha Osuna's paintings portray a subjective reality, the purity and simplicity of her carefully planned compositions have a universal ability to take the viewer on a complex emotional and psychological journey. Through Osuna’s watercolors, any viewer can make a personal connection with the people and communities portrayed in her works. Such an ability is an astonishing gift, and well worth experiencing.

Concha Osuna’s works will be on view at Agora Gallery March 31-April 21, 2015. For more information, visit and

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