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Exploring the Unknown: The Paintings of Zohar Wallach

Searching for harmony in innocuous places, Zohar Wallach allows herself to be guided by patterns that appear beneath the surface of her works. She describes herself as being “fascinated by organic mechanisms and natural elements.” This interest pushes Wallach to look for inspiration in the areas of her paintings that would generally be appreciated only as background or texture, a part of the thing rather than the thing itself. By elevating these patterns, by making them more than a piece of the whole, Wallach enters a new territory that plays perfect host to her artistic vision.

Wallach begins each piece by vigorously applying paint, sand, and copper. After this, she peels and distresses each layer while adding new pigments. She works with her hands, blending the colors naturally, discarding pre-planning in favor of intuition. “I focus on exploring the unknown,” Wallach says, “by finding meaning through the experience itself as I highlight unseen elements that hide beneath the surface.”

Born in a small Kibbutz near the sea of Galilee, Wallach moved to Canada with her husband and three young children in 1998. In Israel, Wallach worked as a handwriting analyst, but her immigration offered more than a change of location. Soon after arriving in Canada, Wallach began to paint professionally. She had come from a family of artists, and often painted in her spare time, but Wallach credits her experience with the “vast, majestic Canadian landscape” as the impetus to begin painting with true passion. This impulse, she says, “took over everything else.”

Wallach consciously ignores political and cultural influences, taking her inspiration solely from nature. She has made it her mission to unite humanity through a shared experience, and to sate humankind’s need for natural beauty. The result is a body of work that is both beautiful and accessible.

Zohar Wallach will be exhibiting her work in the exhibition Verve of Abstraction from October 9th through the 29th at Agora Gallery. View her online catalog at and browse her works for sale at

Agora Gallery is located at 530 West 25th Street, and is open between 11-6 PM on Tuesday-Saturday.

Originally published in Gallery Guide, October 2015
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