Untitled 2, Paintings 24 x 18

Nico Solis: Building on the Energy of the Streets

Nico Solis is not only accomplished in his extraordinary, energetic paintings, but he is also an accomplished music producer who has worked with such artists as Kanye West and Ciara. In this, he brings a distinctive feeling for rhythm and counterpoint to each image he creates.

"From the time I could first write anything down," Nico Solis says, " I have been drawing or expressing myself on paper or whatever I could find." Introduced to the art of painting on canvas by his wife several years ago, Solis found it to be a particularly productive form of self-expression: one that has resulted in a distinctive body of work. With a strong eye for color and texture, as well as an ability to communicate a powerful sense of energy through his dynamic yet controlled brush strokes, the artist creates work that establishes a strong connection with the viewer.

Solis combines the directness of street art and murals with a precise technique that gives each piece a sharp focus. "I draw inspiration from many forms of street signs and music that relates to the inner city," he says, but that is just one of the inspirations that shape his paintings. Citing influences that extend from ancient drawings to the paintings of Joan Miró, Wassily Kandinsky and Gerhard Richter, Solis creates a world where those influences combine in a harmonious relationship.

Working in acrylics, the artist makes the most of the intense colors they provide. Bright reds, yellows, greens and blues exist alongside blacks and somber earth tones, animating compositions that balance gritty intensity and childlike playfulness, with a character he calls "Little Guy" often showing up.

The textures he employs are equally varied, from smooth swirls of color to drips and thickly applied patches of paint. Those combinations give Solis’s paintings an endless feeling of variety, producing works that reward each viewing with a new set of discoveries.

Nico Solis will be showing his work in the exhibition Idiosyncratic Expressions, which will be on view at Agora Gallery from July 31st to August 20th, with a reception on August 6th. His works can also be viewed at www.agora-gallery.com and www.art-mine.com

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