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The Complex and Brilliantly Colored Paintings of George Tsatsos

The complex and brilliantly colored paintings of George Tsatsos are currently being featured for the second time at Agora Gallery from October 10th to October 30th, 2014. A former captain of industry who’s still closely involved in business, Tsatsos started off his artistic career as a collector of contemporary art and painted for personal pleasure. After decades of keeping his work private, he’s now one of the most celebrated contemporary artists to come out of Greece in recent years.

Tsatsos’ work is complex, almost labyrinthine in nature, and draws from several giants of modern art. By mixing the colorful, amorphous forms of Arshile Gorky, the mind-bending architecture of MC Escher, and the abstraction characteristic of Cubism, Tsatsos creates pieces that embrace art history yet remain entirely unique.

Tsatsos’ style, which developed from years of drawing during business meetings and lectures, has an almost scientific or engineering mindset. He describes his works as explorations of shape, form and color that would never exist in the real world. Yet somehow, Tsatsos is able to make his forms appear “right.”

As his work requests a certain suspension of disbelief from the viewer, forms often reveal themselves in different ways upon subsequent viewings. This is what makes seeing Tsatsos’ work so rewarding: at first glance, one might not notice the nuances in his use of color in one piece, or form in another. Further inspection may also reveal the elements of humor and fantasy that run throughout his art.

Tsatsos acknowledges the strong influence Greek culture has had on his art and ultimate creative goals. “The Greek culture stands for individuality, high aesthetic achievement, an open mind and great selfconfidence,” he says. Though the past has played its part in shaping his work, Tsatsos is always inspired to explore new artistic paths in developing it further.

In addition to exhibiting at Agora Gallery, Tsatsos has been featured in a one-man show at the Bowman Gallery in London, in Paris at the Gallerie La Hune- Brenner, in Athens at the Skoufa Gallery in 2007 and 2010, and at Iris Gallery in 2011. He says he wants his work to thrill people, change their viewpoint or simply bring them joy, and his current collection succeeds on all three fronts.

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