Artwork Leasing Terms


Leasing (renting) art is a smart alternative to purchasing artwork outright.

An alternative to artwork leasing is art acquisition.

The Agora Gallery leasing program is a convenient, flexible and economical way for clients to enjoy fine art in their homes and offices. Leasing is also available for special events and for home staging. The leasing agreement is made directly between the client and Agora Gallery (the gallery.) No outside leasing company is involved.

  • Leasing cost: Monthly payments for the leasing are 3% of the price of the leased artwork. There is no limit to the number of pieces leased as long as a satisfactory security deposit is provided.
  • Term: Minimum term is three (3) months to be paid upfront. Term to renew automatically by 3 month increments unless a written notice is provided by either the gallery or the client 30 days before the renewal date. Payments are nonrefundable. There is no limit to the time that the client leases the artwork; however, only the first year leases charges will be applied as a credit if the client chooses to exercise the right toward a buyout, as outlined below.
  • Termination: The client, may purchase the leased artwork at anytime. We ask that the client does not uninstall or move the artwork as damages may occur in the process – any such damages are not covered by our insurance and will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Buyout: The client may purchase the leased artwork at anytime. All leasing charges paid (excluding installation charges) during the first year will be credited toward the buyout price.
  • Insurance: Your facility must meet building code standards in order for Agora Gallery to insure against damages that may incur. Some restrictions may apply.
  • Installation cost: The artwork must be installed by the gallery installation team. The installation team includes two installers. The base installation charge is $475 which entitles the client up to 4 hours of onsite installation services.
  • These fees are for installation in NYC only. Outside NYC installations are available at the same rate plus travel time for installers.
  • Artwork Selection: Artwork doesn’t always look exactly the same on a monitor as it does in person. To avoid costly mistakes, we encourage you to schedule a private viewing at our gallery or an online booking before leasing.