Fine Arts Competition


Agora Gallery is dedicated to discovering and exposing new talent

Art competitions have brought value and new opportunities to artists since the first one in recorded history, which took place in Ancient Greece some 2,500 years ago. To bring opportunities to today’s artists, Agora Gallery hosts four annual juried art competitions. Artists can enter more than one.

1. Whether you’ve been an artist for 2 years or 20, preparing an entry is an opportunity to take a step back and look at your body of work and ask yourself the question – What pieces will make the best presentation?

2. You’ll receive exposure to a sophisticated, appreciative New York audience, and to an ever larger global audience through print and online media. If you are selected, you will recoup the entry fee, along your shipping costs many times over through the public relations you will receive.

3. Being exhibited alongside other talented artists is an honor and provides inspiration.

4. Showing your art to gallerists, curators, and editors can be the start of something big. Russell Mehlman earned a Certificate of Excellence in the 2013 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition; he won Best in Show Gold at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in 2015 and 2016. Evelyn Wang was in the 2009 exhibit; she’s recently held solo exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, New York, Rotterdam, and Shanghai.

5. Winners will be awarded one year of exposure on our artist gallery online, ARTmine.


offers selected artists an opening reception with the New York art community, a jury of internationally influential voices, prize levels that include cash awards totaling $70,000, and international exposure comprising ARTisSpectrum Magazine, and a color exhibit catalog. The competition gives you the chance to connect with art lovers and buyers from around the globe.

For competition details and instructions on how to enter:

Visit The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition 


You could exhibit in a New York gallery and be part of an art fair with international artists! With a highly professional and experienced gallery staff, a distinguished panel of jurors and prizes valued at more than $55,000, the Chelsea International Photography Competition is an excellent opportunity for potential national and international acclaim.

For competition details and instructions on how to enter:

Visit The Chelsea International Photography Competition 

José María Peña
Spain, Selected for the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition 2017

"I consider it has been an important step forward in my career as an artist. Having been selected out of so many international artists contributes to increasing the value of my work."

Miguel Otero Fuentes
United States, Selected for the Latin American Fine Art Competition Exhibition 2018

"Mies van der Rohe said “God is in the details” and Agora took note. Everything - from communication with the staff to the exhibition setup was impeccable. The people at Agora Gallery are friendly, professional and competent. Your work will be in the best hands."

"My artwork was exhibited in Agora as part of the 2018 Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition. They go the extra mile in helping you prepare for the exhibition with detailed tips. It was a wonderful experience to work with them. I highly recommend artists to participate in Agora's competitions."

"I am grateful for the opportunity of presenting my work in their beautiful gallery. Thank you Agora gallery!"

Renata Vale
Brazil, Selected for the Chelsea International Photography Competition Exhibition 2019

"Participating in the Chelsea International Photography Competition, in partnership with Agora Gallery has been a game changer to me... being an artist among such talented global peers is not an easy task, and I would love to join forces with the Chelsea community encouraging other artists to dare to engage in future exhibitions and share their talents."

Herold P Alexis Patrick
United States, Selected for the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition 2018

"My experience with Agora has been almost a dream come true. I never imagined ever exhibiting in a New York City Chelsea Art Gallery. I thought that would have been the extent of my reward for being selected but I was amazed at how much Agora was committed to the success of the artist… This was absolutely a dream come true. I highly recommend Agora to all artists, especially new and up-and-coming artists. I also reached out to my brother who is a painter and an old high school friend, a photographer. The best thing about Agora was that it reignited the fire in me to continue painting. Thank you."

Candelaria Palacios
Argentina, Selected for the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition 2018

"Agora Gallery gave me the chance, through the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, to exhibit my artwork in New York from a new perspective. The experience enriches me personally and my artistic career. I think it is important to point out the diversity of images and artists that I was able to meet during the exhibition. I'm very grateful for the professionalism of the staff, especially in handling the sales process. And I would recommend to participate in the competitions offered by Agora Gallery."

United Kingdom, Selected for the Chelsea International Photography Competition Exhibition 2018

"The gallery sold 3 of my photographs! The price of artworks was carefully negotiated to secure the best outcome and any profit from sale transferred in timely manner."

"It was a pleasure to work with the Agora Gallery staff, all were very professional, friendly and the communication was excellent!"