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With winter at the door, Agora Gallery is pleased to announce Exotic Reveries, a group exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and photographs that explore the contemporary notion of exoticism, on view until November 22.

Our curatorial team presents the works of twelve artists, including William Atkinson and Ronnie Genotti, whose monumental paintings overpower the front space with a dynamic urban punch. You can learn more about their work in our recent feature articles.

In our blog, as usual, we bring you our highlights on what makes headlines in the art world and we also draw attention to the recent acts of protests by climate activists, who threw food at a Monet painting at a German museum.

We are excited to announce that Justin Warner has joined the Agora team as the gallery's Sales Director.

Prior to joining Agora, he worked for a number of high-profile galleries, museums, and art advisory firms in New York and abroad. Justin holds a Master's in Art Criticism & Theory and a B.A. in both Art History and Business. Alongside arts sales, he has a longstanding background in curatorial work and always strives to integrate academic credibility into the marketing and sales of Fine Art.

November News Roundup
From probable deliberate fire on Easter Island to climate activists protests, here is the November news roundup.

William Atkinson: Mixing Imagery with Multimedia

As a mixed media artist,  William Atkinson collects imagery from his day-to-day life and includes and reorganizes these visuals into collaged and assembled pieces. By neighboring dynamic brush marks and lines with recognizable objects and symbols, Atkinson further highlights the contrast between organic mark-makings and popular imagery.


Monet with a Side of Mash - A New Form of Protest (?)

Food and painting have long been an appetizing combination in the history of art, but In recent times, food has adopted different meanings, symbolizing reckless consumerism or the transience and fragility of human life. But what happens when food is used by activists fighting against climate change?

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