January 2023 - Agora newsletter - iFrame


Agora Gallery is pleased to announce that our upcoming exhibition "Pop Aesthetics: From Warhol to Hirst to KAWS" will open to the public on February 1st.

This exhibition will showcase selected works of some of the most iconic and influential Pop artists of our time including but not limited to: Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, KAWS, Invader, and Ai Weiwei. It will be an opportunity to witness the evolution of Pop Art and its continued impact on contemporary art.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a rare Andy Warhol drawing, Blue US Airmail Stamp and Shoe (1962), which is the only known example that combines the artist’s early commercial illustrations with a Pop image from the 1960s.

January News Roundup
From Yayoi Kusama's career-tribute exhibition to the Parthenon marbles saga, here is your January news roundup.

The Great AI Art Debate

The latest craze lighting up social media feeds is a spate of AI-generated portraits: enhanced selfies that are made with the photo editing app Lensa. AI-generated art has induced the next “great debate” in technology and is directly affecting digital artists and copyright holders.