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Bushwick was originally named Boswijck, which meant in Dutch, “little town in the woods.” The area, as with much of Brooklyn and the outer boroughs of New York, boasts a high immigrant working-class population. The low rent and renovated warehouses make it an artist haven, and it is no secret that artists have been flocking to Bushwick by the droves in recent years.

With this new influx of creative-minded types follows a great number of art galleries and spaces. Not only is this a great place for a visitor to enjoy and possibly even purchase art from up-and-coming artists, but it is also a fantastic opportunity for any artist to make important connections among their contemporaries. The art openings in Bushwick aren’t to be missed - they are a unique experience in and of themselves.

For Artists:

Chez Bushwick offers residencies, studio rentals, and a number of projects open to artists in the area. Gain inspiration, learn about events, or meet like-minded individuals at the Arts in Bushwick blog: http://artsinbushwick.org/blog/ Bushwick Art Crit Group is a valuable resource for local artists to meet and receive feedback on their work. Further, any artists looking for creative work spaces will find plenty in Bushwick, starting with Brooklyn Brush Studios: http://www.brooklynbrushstudios.com/.

Galleries to visit:


Though there are no breweries there now, Bushwick used to be a major location for brewing beer. At one point, 10% of all beer produced in the United States originated in Brooklyn, the majority of which specifically came from Bushwick.

Bushwick hosts an annual block party! The party is hosted by local legend, Roberta’s Pizza, located at 261 Moore St. The lines are long to get into the party, so be sure to come early!