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Unlike the Upper East Side, the Lower East Side, or LES, is a far more accessible neighborhood for up-and-coming artists. Home to many collaborative galleries and co-ops for artists, the Lower East Side’s art scene stretches from galleries to street graffiti. With a lower rent than Chelsea, there has been a steady increase in gallery presence in the Lower East Side.

For Artists:

The Lower East Side is also home to the Artists Alliance, Inc. , a non-profit which supports emerging artists in the LES area. Their gallery and project space, Cuchifritos, is an intimate space offering many unusual and exciting group exhibitions.

For Visitors:

The Lower East Side is primarily a home to contemporary art. There you will find the New Museum of Contemporary Art on 235 Bowery. Well-respected LES galleries such as James FuentesEleven RivingtonSimon Preston, and On Stellar Rays are strong features in the New York art scene, offering edgy new programs and exhibitions. Chelsea galleries Marlborough and Lehmann Maupin each have branches in the neighborhood.

Art-lovers may be interested to visit:

Walking around the neighborhood, you may recognize locations from Taxi Driver, PS I Love You, RENT, Gossip Girl, When Harry Met Sally, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.


The history of the Lower East Side is one of immigration and poverty. In the 19th century, immigrants were Jewish, Italian, Irish, and more, and they all squeezed into tiny tenement apartments with horrible working conditions. Learn more at the Tenement Museum on 103 Orchard Street.