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Spirits & Shadows

Agora Gallery is pleased to present Spirits & Shadows an exhibition featuring paintings and digital collages by CHAMM’S, Lizzy Stageman, and Studio Fleia that explore the esoteric, spiritual, and mysterious.

CHAMM’S is a visionary abstract painter from Reunion Island residing in Normandy, France. After a visit to Stonehenge in 2011, she began receiving nightly visions in her sleep, which she faithfully transcribed. Unaware of their meaning, CHAMM’S recognized herself as a conduit for enigmatic messages. Over a decade, she learned to trust her intuition, allowing her hand to be guided in a process akin to automatic writing. Like ancient manuscripts waiting to be deciphered, her paintings hold the promise of revelation for those who approach with an open heart and a curious mind.

Lizzy Stageman, a descendant of Wiradjuri Ngiyampaa and Barkindji nations of Australia and an English Naval seaman, navigates heritage and personal healing in her paintings. Rooted in her Aboriginal identity, she blends modernity and tradition, using color as a catalyst for emotions and black-and-white to challenge perceptions. Inspired by family, culture, fashion, and the environment, Stageman employs universal Aboriginal symbolism to narrate stories of common humanity. Her art serves as a medium for conveying knowledge and tales of the human experience.

Eszter Takács, aka Studio Fleia, is a digital abstract artist blending minimalist collages with nature-inspired images. Hungarian-born and now based in Barcelona, Takács’ compositions rise like totems, interweaving half-moons, circles, and arches into elegant arrangements. Each piece holds a unique message, embedding profound meanings and blessings. Takács finds creative inspiration in stillness and nature, crafting pieces to convey love, respect, and appreciation for the Earth. Her reflective symbols encourage intuitive wisdom, urging viewers to listen to the whispers within.

Spirits & Shadows

Curated by: Gabriella Mazza