Damien Hirst

It is in this vein that Damien Hirst’s “Spots” paintings, such as Cefoxitin (2010) continue to comment on the banality of art objects, deconstructed to their most crude form, as they proliferate into mass culture. In the same way Warhol broke down the art object into its more recognizable, repeating forms, pulled from pop culture, Hirst deconstructs the concept of an art object into its most simplified form: dots of color. It would be as if Hirst is replicating the effects of an inkjet printer that copies a Renaissance painting onto a page by way of small bursts of color. Warhol’s use of seriality and mechanical reproduction are certainly being reexamined with Hirst’s Spots.


Cefoxitin, 2010

Household gloss on canvas

21" x 27"


Theodora, 2022

Laminated Giclée Print on Aluminum Composite Panel Screen Printed with Glitter

39.3" x 39.3"

Artwork Title
Acrylic on Canvas
50" x 50"

Artist Name


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